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        AOD Autoparts(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of R &D ,design and production of automotive parts for aftermarket ,products including automobile shock absorbers, suspension coil springs, suspension complete strut assemblies and so on. The company has strong production capability of modularization and systematization, synchronous development ability and design ability, especially has strong influence and market position in terms of technology, quality, capacity and variety in the international market.

        The company automobile shock absorber factory is located in Jiangsu Province, and the coil spring factory is located in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province. Headquartered in Shanghai, AOD Autoparts(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. fully integrates the industrial advantages of the Yangtze River Delta economic belt. Adhering to the core value of “creating value for customers”, we continue to focus on the professional development of automotive suspension systems and develop the manufacturing technology of automotive shock absorbers in the depth direction. The company has more than 7000 models of automotive shock absorbers, and over 3,000 models of coil springs, covering most of the world's models, mainly engaged in European, North-American and South-American market. It is a high-quality strategic partner of many international large-scale...[more]

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    Chassis Spring Series

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    203 880 04 29

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    1 025 425

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